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Alec B. Wisner

About Alec

Alec B. Wisner has a rare gift for facilitating positive communication between even the most contentious parties and an ability to provide clients with a clear understanding of complex underlying issues. 

Since forming Wisner Dispute Resolution Services in Tarzana, California, in 2003, Alec has been using his unique and diverse background to help hundreds of clients successfully resolve disputes through mediation. While he has had particularly extensive training, experience and success with disputes involving commercial law, family law and closely held corporations or family-owned businesses, Alec also mediates disputes involving virtually all areas of the law, including real estate law, tort law and insurance law. 

In 2013, Alec joined the panel of distinguished neutrals at the Agency for Dispute Resolution in Beverly Hills, California. By doing this, Alec can marshal a strong, nationwide support network in addition to his own resources.

Alec brings a rich and diverse background to his mediation practice. While attending U.C.L.A., he won numerous national debate awards, graduating in 1971. Alec matriculated at the University of Southern California Law Center, earning his J.D. in 1974. 

From 1975 through 1978, Mr. Wisner developed his legal skills in the areas of family and commercial law. In 1978, seeking new challenges, he entered the world of corporate business. During the ensuing eighteen years, Alec served in top management in the printing/publishing industry. In this capacity, he managed the growth or several medium-size corporations and was personally responsible for the spinoff of several new, successful enterprises. Mr. Wisner is still actively involved as a director of such corporations as Golden Triangle Financial Services, located in Las Vegas, NV. 

Returning to the full-time practice of law, Mr. Wisner became a principal in Stanbury Fishelman & Wisner, Inc., in Los Angeles, California. As an attorney, Mr. Wisner's practice encompassed complex civil litigation, including class actions.

With his legal and business backgrounds as well as his divorce training, Alec's special niche is the mediatiion of disputes within family owned or closely held corporations or other business entities.

Finally, Alec is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, an international group involved in peacemaking overseas.


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