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Family & Divorce Mediation Articles

5 Prudent Ways to Talk to Kids About Your Divorce (1/11/19)
Jenna Adams

When children are involved in a divorce, you have to deal with not just your own emotions, but also theirs. Here are some tips for these conversations.

7 Easy Tips for Better Communication (1/04/19)
Amy Sereday

How many times have you left a conversation with a loved one feeling frustrated; like they didn’t listen to a single thing you said?

Comparative Data on Mediator Directory Websites (12/25/18)

According to new data from, is most visited and most linked mediator directory website.

Self-Imposed Ground Rules: The Only Kind Worth Having (12/23/18)
Dan Simon

“You might be wrong. Your voice can be big. Genuinely listen.”

4 Handy Principles for Deciding When You Can’t Agree (12/14/18)
Tammy Lenski

When you can’t agree even with your best effort, having fallback criteria can break the agreement logjam and allow you get on with other things.

Making Holidays Magical for Kids After Divorce (12/14/18)
Vicki Shemin

When we think holidays, we think magical time of year for children.

NEW: - APFM Video Series (12/12/18)
Michael Aurit and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) have worked together to produce 4 new online video courses Check out the trailers for all 4 of these new courses and then order at Note the special holiday pricing of only $199 for all 4 courses this month only!

Even More Conflict Resolution Tips (12/06/18)
Oran Kaufman

Following up on two previous articles, this article taps into 24 years of mediation experience and provides divorcing couples with tips that will help them navigate their divorce and mediation process in sane and healthy manner and will help them stay in control of the process.

Mediation Dance-Writing (11/28/18)
Peter Adler

Sometime between 480 and 221 BC during China’s Warring States Period, a general named Wu wrote a short and now widely read treatise on how to win a big fight. The highest excellence, he said, is the “sheathed sword,” achieving your goal without fighting.

Happy Thanksgiving !!!! (11/23/18)
Phyllis Pollack

Thanksgiving was a few days ago, and I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Turkey Day!

Carrying the Weight of Conflict (11/16/18)
Cinnie Noble

It often seems that we carry a heaviness in ourselves – our hearts, our heads, our whole beings – when we are in conflict with another person.

When Did Bullying Stop Being Something that Only Happened in the Playground? (11/16/18)
Katherine Graham

It's Anti-Bullying Week; and bullying is now just as much synonymous with workplaces as with problems at school.

Interview with Ken Cloke (11/15/18)
Kenneth Cloke

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Ken Cloke, author and Founder of Mediators Beyond Borders, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series. Recognized as a Top Attorney Directory for SEO! (11/15/18)

Now entering our 24th year, is recognized as a Top Law Firm Directory.

Scorched Earth Clients: Mediating with High Conflict People (11/12/18)
Darrell Puls

You have met them if you have been mediating for any length of time: High Conflict People.

Zealous Advocacy Can Kill (11/12/18)
Laura Tarcea

His divorce was going really badly: aggressive lawyers on both sides, court battles and blame-ridden affidavits!

Mediator as Judge (11/01/18)
Laurie Israel

When trained as a mediator, the first thing I learned was that mediation is a client-driven process.

Family Feud? Use Eldercaring Coordination for High Conflict in Eldercare (11/01/18)
Sarah Gross

This article distinguishes elder mediation and eldercaring coordination, and discusses the benefits of eldercaring coordination for high-conflict cases.

Don’t Dread Divorces this December (10/30/18)
John Fiske

Thanks to the 2017 federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, (“TCAJA”), divorce lawyers and mediators know that December will be a busy time and some of us may be working right up to the close of the courthouse on Monday, December 31st.

Two Points: Detrimental to any Mediation Process (10/26/18)
Muhammed Rafeeque

The post is about TWO points which may go against the Mediation Process in India: (i) A constant persuasion of Mediator on either parties would have opposite effect.

What is Child-Inclusive Mediation? (10/26/18)
Dakota Murphey

If you are a parent going through separation or divorce it is highly likely you are worried about the effect it will have on your children.

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce (10/19/18)
Diane Kramer

Are you struggling with Co-Parenting after divorce? If you are, it is no surprise.

The Type of Problem That Makes Conflict Resolution Harder (10/13/18)
Tammy Lenski

Gravity problems make conflict resolution more difficult because they sidetrack us from actionable problems.

Blind Justice: Can Individuals Be Bound to Arbitration Clauses They Can’t Read? (10/13/18)
Michael Heller

The First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston recently declined to enforce an arbitration clause in the Container Store’s loyalty program against blind customers.

APFM: The Dream, Progress to Date, and New Goals (10/12/18)
Virginia Colin

In March 2012, eleven amazing people announced the creation of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. They had big dreams and grand expectations. Let’s look at how far we have come and where we may go.

What Do Marriage Counselors and Mediators Do? (10/12/18)
Ben Hartwig

There is a big difference between marriage counselors and mediators, and each is specific to the condition of a relationship.

Interview with Chip Rose (10/10/18)
Chip Rose

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Chip Rose, a national leader in the fields of divorce mediation and collaborative practice, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Book Review: The Master Agreement by Jay Bultz (10/08/18)
Donald T. Saposnek

'The Master Agreement', now in its Second Edition, offers a comprehensive manual of issues, clauses and phrases for use in drafting Marital Settlement Agreements. This book is unique, of very high quality, will save you time, and elevate the quality of your drafting.

How to Break Free of An Addictive Relationship (10/05/18)
Meredith Richardson

You can choose whether to continue with an addictive relationship.

Family Mediation and Domestic Abuse (10/05/18)
Ryan Compton

Mediation in Worcester, Gloucester and the surrounding areas is increasingly the default option when it comes to family dispute resolution.

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