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Family & Divorce Mediation Articles

Courage is a Choice (3/03/21)
Karen Aurit, Michael Aurit

It is a choice to be courageous in family conflict, and an important one.

How Do We Tell our Friends We’re Getting a Divorce? (2/26/21)
Amanda Singer

Recently I had a client ask me, “How do we say to our friends we’re getting a divorce?”

Using Mediation to Develop a Prenup that Satisfies Both Parties (2/26/21)
Roseann Vanella

My last mediation of 2020 was for a prenuptial agreement, and to me it was kind of a sign of hope for the year to come.

Why are LGBT+ Employees Still More Likely to be Involved in Workplace Conflict? (2/19/21)
Katherine Graham

New CIPD research suggests that more than four in 10 LGBT+ employees have experienced workplace conflict in the past year.

Keeping the Marital Home in Divorce and Pitfalls for the Unwary (2/19/21)
Mary Salisbury

In most marriages there is a marital home/the kids' childhood home and it’s often the largest asset--and the largest source of conflict.

Money Buys Happiness (2/18/21)
Scott Levin

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that means making big changes.

How to Find Help From Domestic Violence (2/18/21)
Lena Borrelli

This article looks at how to prevent violent conflicts, especially while quarantined.

A First-Hand Experience with My Premarital Agreement (2/12/21)
Amanda Singer

One of the questions I used to get asked most often by my clients was whether I was married, and until recently, the answer to that had always been no, which then often their follow-up question was, are you ever going to get married?

Valentines Day and Divorce (2/09/21)
Marian Grande

Valentine’s Day; the most romantic day of the year. Some love it, some hate it, but you cannot deny that Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love, affection, adoration, chocolates, and flowers.

Using Private Mediation for a Happier Divorce (2/05/21)
Roseann Vanella

The term “happy divorce” seems like an oxymoron, and maybe it is.

Five Principles to Maximize Chances of Success in Mediation (2/05/21)
Rachel Gupta

As a current mediator who has for years also been litigation counsel representing clients in mediation, I have noticed that there may sometimes be a disconnect between what mediators and litigators each expect from mediation and from each other.

Tips for a Productive Divorce Mediation (2/05/21)
Asa Pitt

It’s a common mistake for divorcing spouses to confuse mediation with couple’s therapy.

Unmarried Parents and Children (2/02/21)
Genesis Liu

It is said and proven that when a child is born to unmarried parents, the child would most likely remain and be cared for by the mother.

The Vanishing Jury Trial and Other Important Lessons for Mediators (1/22/21)
Bruce Edwards

The article helps demonstrate the widespread acceptance of ADR, and mediation in particular, in the legal profession.

Cyclical Nature of Interpersonal Conflict (1/22/21)
Kathleen Kauth

When talking about domestic violence, you often hear about the cycle of abuse.

Make Yourself Aware About Divorce Mediation (1/22/21)
Asa Pitt

You might be thinking that you don’t need to make yourself aware about anything divorce related because it’s not going to happen to you.

Divorce Noise (1/15/21)
Denise French

It’s so normal for us to ask questions and want information from those who have already been through this overwhelming time in our lives.

The End Game (1/15/21)
Scott Levin

Deciding to divorce is likely going to be the biggest decision of your life, bigger than even deciding to get married in the first place, and how you choose to proceed will make all the difference.

First Holiday Season After Divorce (12/22/20)
Denise French

Your first Christmas or other major holiday after divorce can be tough, and it will no doubt be different.

What a Financial Affidavit Won’t Do (12/07/20)
Mary Salisbury

I was recently reminded of the difference in the depth of information and subsequently the analysis that I perform when I do my financial analysis versus what information is provided by clients when they are asked to fill out a Financial Affidavit.

Family Mediation: A Separate Category of Mediation? (12/01/20)
Chinwe Egbunike-Umegbolu

It is to be noted that Mediation is not just about settling disputes or getting back people together. It also extends to making adequate arrangement for the welfare of family members in cases of separation.

APFM, NAFCM, MBB & ACR Co-Sponsor National Mediation Policy Act! (11/30/20)

The APFM, NAFCM, MBB & ACR have joined's groundbreaking efforts to set America on a better path by sponsoring the "National Mediation Policy Act" (NMPA). The Act declares a national policy favoring voluntary mediation over disputes being litigated, remaining unresolved or resulting in violence.

Holiday Parenting/Custodial Time during COVID-19 (11/23/20)
Roseann Vanella

When considering whether or not to bring a child to a holiday gathering (such as Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house for example), these and other factors need to be taken into consideration.

Online Mediation Training at Mediate University (11/17/20)
Colin Rule

One of’s most popular features over the last decade has been Mediate University.  From its launch with just a few courses in (2010), Mediate University has grown to a rich repository of courses from many of the leading mediation trainers in the world.

Can You Be a Litigator and a Mediator? (11/12/20)
Scott Levin

“You know what, Ken? A bad idea would be to let your client walk out of here today and drag this thing out for another year, wasting more time and more money," ~ The Wedding Crashers

Married Mediators: Marilyn McKnight and Steve Erickson (11/09/20)
Stephen Erickson

An interview with Marilyn McKnight and Stephen Erickson about the origins of family mediation, their different conflict styles, and the future of conflict resolution. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 2020 Conference.

Life After Divorce: Coping with Loneliness (11/06/20)
Leyla Balakhane

Many couples regard their relationship as a source of comfort, reassurance and identity.

Being Emotionally Ready for Divorce Mediation (11/06/20)
Roseann Vanella

A question I often ask clients when they come to me for a consultation for divorce mediation, “Are you each emotionally ready to mediate your divorce”?

Married Mediators: Kim Kovach and Eric Galton (10/20/20)
Kimberlee Kovach

An interview with Kim Kovach and Eric Galton about mediation, being married to a mediator, and the future of mediation. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 20/20 Conference.

Because Mediators Deserve a Personality Test Too (10/18/20)
Clare Fowler

This is a personality test, just for those in the dispute resolution field. Because mediators deserve a personality test too.

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